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👋🏼 I’m Yuri Victor, a creative technologist who likes to build happy teams and products that help people.

I’ve helped hundreds of companies rethink their digital experiences, created software used by thousands of organizations, and won two SND President’s Awards for my contributions to the field of design. I’m most well known for co-founding Vox.com, where I drew the original sketches for the project on a napkin.

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I’ve worked with The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, Metro, NRK, Daegens Nyheter, and USA Today helping with …

Emerging technologies

Bots, Messaging apps, Voice user interfaces, Machine learning, AI, Blockchain

Research & Strategy

Culture, Operations, Creative, Content, Video, Growth, Leadership

Design & Development

Innovation, Websites, Apps, CMSes, Analytics, Tools, WordPress, New products

Resources & Training

Design thinking, Digital skills, Brainstorming, Creativity, Idea generation

My philosophy is …


Do great work with great people

Work on projects worth working on with teams worth working for. Organizations are design documents.


Document and share everything

Sharing documentation says you believe everyone has something to contribute and gives people the knowledge to do so.


Invest in support systems

Every person helping another person has a multiplier effect. Support allows us to focus on our strengths while improving each other.


Focus on your Cs before your Ps

Put collaboration, communication, and community before processes, products, and plans. Culture is your product.


Ship fast, and then iterate faster

Shipping is the beginning. The next steps are the most important, when we take the time to listen, learn, and improve.


Take care of each other, and yourself

Nothing happens without us. If we’re not healthy we can’t help each other. We burn out alone or we spark together.

Some mentions …

Yuri Victor on stage at SND pointing

Designing a happy, nimble, digital newsroom

If you want to get things done, you have to break down silos of communication, build small teams, bring people together and empower them.

“The difference is that Vox is open to experimentation, it demands rapid iteration, and it puts technology-shaping people on par with word-shaping people. The difference is that, in many traditional newsrooms, changing the UI on a page … would have taken multiple meetings where the tech side’s knowledge would likely have been undervalued. It’s a corporate ethos and a permission structure that means good ideas don’t have to get bottled up. It’s being the kind of place that would build Chorus in the first place. That is Vox’s edge, and you can’t buy that off the shelf.” — Nieman Lab

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