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👋🏼 I’m Yuri Victor. I like to build happy teams and products that help people. How can I help you?

A bit more about me ...

I'm most well known for co-founding Vox.com, where I drew the original sketches for the project on a napkin. I've helped hundreds of companies rethink their digital experiences, created software used by thousands of organizations, and won two SND president's awards for my contributions to the field of design.

I've worked with companies like The New York Times, Metro (Sweden), Dagens Nyheter, and NRK. In my spare time, I contribute to open source projects, volunteer for ONA and SND, and travel around the world teaching seminars to help people learn digital skills.

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Philosophy —

“The difference is that Vox is open to experimentation, it demands rapid iteration, and it puts technology-shaping people on par with word-shaping people. The difference is that, in many traditional newsrooms, changing the UI on a page ... would have taken multiple meetings where the tech side’s knowledge would likely have been undervalued. It’s a corporate ethos and a permission structure that means good ideas don’t have to get bottled up. It’s being the kind of place that would build Chorus in the first place. That is Vox’s edge, and you can’t buy that off the shelf.” — Nieman Lab

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