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I’m a New York Los Angeles based creative with a decade of experience empowering teams in the biggest media companies at the intersection of product, design, and news.

After co-founding, starting The Washington Post product team and rebuilding its technology from the ground up to create some of the most innovative journalism products ever built, I went to work at The New York Times to help the organization better understand emerging technology. I’ve won two SND President’s awards for design, my work has been named best of the year by Gannett and Editor & Publisher, and my open source software is used by thousands of organizations.

When I’m not cooking, I obsess over discovering better processes and creating happier, more inclusive workplaces.

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Philosophy —

“The difference is that Vox is open to experimentation, it demands rapid iteration, and it puts technology-shaping people on par with word-shaping people. The difference is that, in many traditional newsrooms, changing the UI on a page ... would have taken multiple meetings where the tech side’s knowledge would likely have been undervalued. It’s a corporate ethos and a permission structure that means good ideas don’t have to get bottled up. It’s being the kind of place that would build Chorus in the first place. That is Vox’s edge, and you can’t buy that off the shelf.” — Nieman Lab

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